April 29, 2013

Sanchayka project development

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April 25, 2013

Swing IDE in java

 Swing IDE in java


The main objective of the IDE Java is to develop an environment for Designing, compiling, debugging, and executing a java program similar to that of the VB IDE.
Usually, the java program is coded in an editor like notepad or edited in the Dos Prompt and lacks development environment. The IDE java is a java Integrated Environment and is aimed at an intuitive interface to use and has a swing look. The software is a simple java development environment to be implemented in java.
Objectives of the system
Ø  Design a GUI Interface
Ø  Generate Code on designing
Ø  Compile and execute
Ø  Option of viewing code in an outline format, with each open and close brace.
Ø  Drag and Drop components from Toolbox
Ø  Customizable and extensible click to add mechanism, so that one can generate more than just the elements the IDE developer thought about.
 These patterns include methods that address:
·                    Visibility (protocol, package, protected, private)
·                    Volatility (transient, persistent)
·                    Initialization (eager, lazy)
·                    Instantiation (Create, Load)
Automatically add Skeleton methods when adding an interface to a class

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April 02, 2013

Router Simulator in java

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