April 08, 2016

Regional office spreadsheet template for any reports

Online data entering spreadsheet

Created a google spreadsheet template that helps any user with the link can enter the data daily. The spreadsheet is designed in such a way that the it will automatically clears the data in the sheet daily. Consolidate the amount in a separate spreadsheet. Any one who is using consfedkozhikode@gmail.com email can edit the branch names given in the sheet.The application automatically create the backup in the following folder monthly.

This application can be used for any sections to know their daily details,

Regional office application sheet


link to sheet

The column name (headings ) in the above sheet is controlled by the bellow spreadsheet, admin ( I T) can edit the details which will be updated from the next day onward , the consolidated details will be available in a separate sheet. The sheet was used to enter subsidy details during April and September month where the same sheet was used to enter notebook sales details in may July month. The only thing the admin has to do is to change the reporting staff name, column names and contact number. Changing the column value of 146B to NO will stop email to receiver emails specified in column 145B. By default there are 8 columns in the apps, the admin can choose which all columns should be visible and he can also change its names.

The admin can change report name as well as reporting officer name.

The spreadsheet was developed in 2016 for IT section, to get the hardware details from triveni units.

Controller sheet

controller sheet
link to sheet

Email template

Daily email report

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Thanks to +jerin ( Operational Manger consumerfed kozhikode region )


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