June 14, 2016

How to sum up table into one in excel

Consolidate in Excel

Description : Excel Consolidate helps you to consolidate your sheets/worksheets into one worksheet.
 Here we are going to consolidate 3 sheets unit1 , unit2 and unit3 to one sheet. the three sheets are shown below. Excel tips and tricks by +belazy .

Date : Jun 14

How to sum up all the data in separates sheet into one

Receipts and Disbursement
Receipts and Disbursement

Receipts and Disbursement of a single unit

Receipts and Disbursement
Receipts and Disbursement

Receipts and Disbursement
Receipts and Disbursement

Now click on the consolidate icon, it will be available in Data tab in excel 2010.

 A window will be open now, choose function as Sum (here we are going to sum up all the sheets)

click on the reference, choose the data table in sheets ancd click on add

check Top row & Left Column.

Consolidate Sheet

Consolidated excel sheet

To view the video tutorial : click here

To Know more about Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursement method in accountancy click here

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June 13, 2016



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June 07, 2016

Hotel Management System - Travel Port



Adding to cart scenerios

scenerio 1

subtracting add to cart from inventory

if there are 10 items in stock,

5 persons added 2 each to cart then 6 th person could see out of stock issue...

scenerio 2

if not subtracted

1 items left, one person A add it to cart and the second one B purchased it,

A will get out of stock error while purchasing it

One solution

1. The customer puts a product in her cart.
2. Event is fired and the plugin stores the WC_Cart id (which holds the products) with a timestamp in a table.
3. Stock is then temporarily reduced by the plugin.
4. A cronjob (registered via. wp_cron) checks the table with carts and timestamps and resets the stock for old carts and removes the row from the table.


minimum option to skip check
holding time

discussion : https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/5966

is there any procedure after add to cart like adding user details ?



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