February 15, 2017

Online attendance tracking system consumerfed administration

Online attendance tracking system consumerfed

Issues and solutions

Step 0 : Download the bat file here

Step 1 : check your internet connection

Step 2 : set Mozilla as your default browser

Open Mozilla firefox browser >> Go to tools (or Type Alt+T) >> click on Option >> click on Make default button

How it works - video

Consumerfed I T Section, Kozhikode


February 11, 2017

Find the top 3 words in a sentence

Java Programs

 * @author +Java Script
 * Top 3 words from sentence

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class SentenceWord {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Map<String,Integer> map = new HashMap();
Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
String str = sc.nextLine();

for(String s: str.split("\\s")){
       int a =  map.get(s);
       a = a+1;


February 09, 2017


Used to control a request
They are invoked by the controller (Filter Dispatcher)
Interceptors perform action such as
o Logging
o validation
o file upload
o double submit guard etc.

 How Interceptor works?
1. Request is generated by user and sent to Servlet container.
2. Servlet container invokes FilterDispatcher filter which in turn determines appropriate action.
3. One by one Intercetors are applied before calling the Action. Interceptors perform tasks such as Logging, Validation, File Upload, Double-submit guard etc.
4. Action is executed and the Result is generated by Action.
5. The output of Action is rendered in the view (JSP, Velocity, etc) and the result is returned to the user.

Explanation: -

1. Request is generated by user and sent to Servlet container http://localhost:8080/StrutsValidationEx/ - web.xml
2. Servlet container invokes FilterDispatcher filter which in turn determines appropriate action. Invoking filter Dispatcher (web.xml)









Determining Appropriate action (struts.xml) Welcome.jsp


Configuring interceptor in struts: -

<interceptor name="mylogging"



<interceptor-stack name="loggingStack">

<interceptor-ref name="mylogging" />

<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />



This code has to be added after <result-types > tag in <package>


Note that creation of interceptor stack with the name “logginstack” is to

make sure that struts2 calls all the default interceptors as well while calling

the custom interceptor mylogging.

This is important because the validation logic will not works in our

application if we ignore default stack of interceptor.


February 03, 2017

Online sales application for consumerfed kozhikode region

Online sales application for accounts section


The application was initially developed for supporting the inventory system developed by I T section (head office). The project was assigned by Regional Manger through the I T, which then modified and new features are added as a requirement by pco kozhikode. The features like cash-credit report . subsidy monitoring, monthly sales, tranfer-in transfer out monitoring were include as per the requirement of accounts manager +deepa. The project was developed on may 2015 to validate sales details for Bee bee software developed by IT section consumerfed. The data were missing, double in the software at that time, so to analyse and solve the data issue the spreadsheet was very much helped them.

     This spreadsheet helps to validate the data in the software, help to fix the bugs related with data (includes sales, expense, r&d etc). Proper internet connection is mandatory to run the sheet. The spreadsheet will change daily so as to help the triveni units to enter their last day sales details, also the system automatically compute the reports needed for accounts section and email accounts manager. The branches under kozhikode region can also enter their monthly sales transaction / account details in the sheet.  The application automatically keep a backup in consfedkozhikode@gmail.com google drive folder named " Backup ". link to spreadsheet is given in the page.

To edit the template of the sales sheet use the controller sheet, I T admin can edit this. contact number : 8281808029

controller sheet

In addition to source code , my soul is also present in this project.  I worked so sincerely and honestly on this project. Each steps were challenging as there was an unsupported behavior from the regional manager as well as regional I T section once the project was deployed. They made me to stop running the project by defaming my work.

The below are the features in the apps.

Daily sales html report

Daily sales html report
sample download here

Daily sales pdf report

sample download here

Day wise subsidy report

Day wise subsidy report with packing charges details

For sending fund flow statement

Day wise cash credit sales

Monthly wages details

Wages details email
sample download here

Monthly expense, purchase, sales report

monthly expense, sales, purchase

sample download here

Messaging to unit

sending message to unit through google spreadsheet

Fast moving consumer goods to accounts section

FMCG report consumerfed

Online sales monitoring application

Online sales monitoring application

Daily sales google script code

Google script code for spreadsheet

Automatic Backup of spreadsheet

The application will automatically create a back up of the whole spreadsheet with monthly data entered by the user in office google drive folder named backup

Messaging to triveni units through spreadsheet

any one who can login to office mail can access the spreadsheet script editor, there by helps them to send message to triveni units, a pop up will show on the screen as shown in the screen shot

Admin can lock & unlock the spreadheet

Locking and unlocking the sheet prevents the user for entering the data, the task was initially assigned by Regional Manager

link to daily sales spreadsheet

Thanks to +deepajayaprakash payyanakkal


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