August 21, 2012

To call external css class using jquery

How to call an external css class using jquery.

There are two ways to apply css through jquery

addClass("your css class name");

addClass will only append the new class to the existing one. so we have to remove the existing class using removeClass(" your css class name") method.

removeClass() is used to remove all the css class.

css() is used to apply style to a specific html component.

How to ?

html : file.html
<p id="powerballNumbers"> Hunger Games, Newsweek, </p>
<div id ="RioDeJaneiro" class ="McllroyClass"></div>

jquery : file.js

css: file.css
width : 10px;
height : 5 px;
backgroud : url (img_mileycyrus.gif) 0 0;

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