December 28, 2016

Attendance Tracking System Consumerfed kozhikode it section

Online Attendance Monitoring System IT Section

          Created a robust G suite application for consumerfed regional office kozhikode (attendance monitoring system), which helps multiple users can mark their attendance simultaneously through a google form. The form is linked with a google spreadsheet where all the responses are saved which can be viewed in real time. The google spreadsheet is designed in such a way that the monitoring users can only view present day report. The attendance is mailed daily both as html and pdf format. Once in every month the google script will automatically back up the spreadsheet in google drive.

         The Google form and spreadsheet works only on javascript enabled web browsers.

         Maximum number of rows allowed is approximately 4 lakhs and the 250 sheets on google spreadsheet. Maximum of 15GB space is allowed in google drive.

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The project was initially developed in 2015 November for Regional office kozhikode Regional Manager then new features was added in 2016 September and application was very much active during that period, New features like consolidation, tracking, automatic error tracking etc were included.

Consumerfed I T Section

Google Form

A Google Form is a tool from google that allow you to collect the information in an easy way to a google spreadsheet


Google Form - UI through which end users enter the data

link to google form

Google Spreadsheet

Each and every information entered by employees is kept in spreadsheet , but the view is restricted to that day. Downloading the sheet helps you view all the data from starting


link to google spreadsheet

Google Script - Script Editor


How script Editor works

Go To Tools >> Script Editor in google spread sheet.

Select any function then click on run command. For example if you want to send an email with pdf, go to script editor, choose the function mailLeaveDetails() from the combo box, then click on run command. An email will be send to the mail described in the controller spreadsheet


Google script failure alert

E mail while script error

Google controller Spreadsheet

Google controller spread sheet act as a property value sheet where the admin can control all the attendance works like e mail address to which the mail should be send, the subject of the email, the footer etc. He can also stop the mail sending by giving property value as NO.

link to controller spreadsheet

Flow chart (context level)


Backup in google drive

Backup of spreadsheet is done automatically on first day of the month in office google drive.


Emailing attendance information directly on google form submit

E-mail template for attendance

Smart monitoring of Cfed Attendance

Monitoring the attendance application using a third party smart apps let us know when the server is down and how long the server being down. Help us to identify the fake complaints

Cfed Attendance

Email information regarding the up and down time of attendance application

E mail while attendance apps is down

Google Spreadsheet attendance tracking system

Attendance Reporting google sheet

link to sheet

Automatic consolidation spreadsheet

           Google consolidation sheet will consolidate the entered attendance details automatically

Consolidation sheet

Link to google spreadsheet

Sample consolidation excel sheet

Automatic deletion of duplicate entries

         There is a script running on the background of the sheet that will track the duplicate entries on the particular day and automatically delete the first entered value. A separate sheet 'INFORMATIONS' is kept , where all details regarding such automatic operation summaries is kept.

Google script sample

Graphical representation of Attendance Status

Pie chart showing attendance percentage in our region

Pie chart showing branch attendance status

Pie chart showing employees attendance status

Download file here

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E-mail templates

List of employees who fails to mark attendance on the day

E mail to IT head informing the employees who fails to mark the attendances on that day

Employee list who forget to mark attendances

Daily consolidation E mail

Sending attendance status daily consolidated email to IT Head

email template
E mail Template

Direct Email

E mail directly to office mail who mark attendance after noon

E mail templates
Automatic update details

Attendance consolidation for salary 

sample consolidation report
link to video

Email Report to users

Attendance form created by Regional Office Kozhikode IT Section. +Consumerfed IT Division



Issues and solutions

Download documentation

Kerala State Rule Leave Details

Thanks to +rasmi pramod , +Shimjith Kumar , +Vipin Cp for their valuable supports

Thanks to IT section Head office for Assigning this project

Today's Attendance Status

Google App Script Complete Tutorial

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