April 13, 2015

Binary Search Algorithm implementation in java

Binary Search Algorithm in Java source code


Find the position of specific input value within a sorted array (either descending/ascending).
The algorithm compares the key value with the middle value of array, if the key matches it will return the value or other wise returns -1 value.

Time complexity for binary
Worst : O (log n)
Average : O (log n)

Binary Search Algorithm Gif image
Binary Search Algorithm Computation

int []values = {1,2,5,6,12,25,26,27,30}; // sorted array

 * Binary Search algorithm or Half interval search algorithm implementation
 * Find the position of a specific value (key) from/within a sorted array

package com.blogspot.javabelazy.logics;

 * @author javabelazy
public class BinarySearch {

private static int attempt = 0;

private int findIndex(int[] values, int target) {
return binarySearch(values,target,0,values.length-1);

private int binarySearch(int[] values, int target, int start, int end) {
attempt = attempt +1;
if(start > end){
return -1;

int middle = (int) Math.floor((start+end)/2);
int value = values[middle];

if (value > target) { return binarySearch(values, target, start, middle-1); }
if (value < target) { return binarySearch(values, target, middle+1, end); }

return middle;

* @param binsearchalgo string
public static void main(String[] binsearchalgo) {
int []values = {1,2,5,6,12,25,26,27,30}; // sorted array
int target = 27; // value to be find (the key in binary search algorithm)
BinarySearch binarySearch = new BinarySearch();
int position = binarySearch.findIndex(values,target);
System.out.println(" Size of the array to search : "+values.length);
System.out.println(" Value to be found : "+target);
System.out.println(" Position of the value found : "+position);
System.out.println(" Attempt made in finding value : "+attempt);
System.out.println(" www.javabelazy.blogspot.in ");



binary search algorithm implementation in java

Author : +belazy

Java source code for binary search algorithm


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