July 11, 2014

Commodity sales graph in excel

How to create a graph in microsoft office excel

Create a new excel

Rename the first sheet to DATA

Data for Graph
Excel Data
Enter the following data to sheet1 (named as DATA)

Choose the type of data from insert tab in excel sheet

Type of graph available in MS Excel
choose the type of graph in excel
choose select data
Select Data for graph
Select Data

A window will be open

type the following to the textbox  " =DATA!$B$1:$E$7 " (where data is the sheet name, no need of double quotes)

A graph will be created, click on switch row/column

sales graph image
Sales commodity wise graph

The chart properties will be available in Layout tab

excel graph properties
Excel graph properties

You can add title , data label , align it etc etc.....

Excel graph
Author : +Shimjith


If you are looking for sales commodity wise graph , then micro soft office excel package is a good option. you can choose what ever types of graphs. In addition to bar graph many options are there. you can easily switch from one graph to other one. you can switch the axis too, you can even customize where you want to keep your data series.

Java Graph API Documentation /

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