September 10, 2014

How to block browsing sites in your computer

How to block internet access in your computer

Yes you can block internet access to your computer !!!

you can override the DNS for a domain in your system by modifying the hosts file in system32 folder in windows. Actually these are used for testing purpose, but we used (we can use) to deny access to a particular site by using loop back ip ie thus a big problem disturbing our IT Section ( assigned by +bithesh soubhagya  ) was solved.

We successfully blocked internet access in 100 branches under cfed kozhikode regional office.

The units under our regions are misusing internet for the past years, the old IT staff had blocked denied the access to internet explorer by a password. But it doesnt worked fine while mozilla firefox and google chrome came and peoples starts installing third party browser software. So now its necessity for any thing new that block their access to internet. For past few weeks i was working on it and found a solution.

How to block internet

Browse to  C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\

you can find a hosts file in it, right click and edit and make following changes. Now try to access facebook, the site will redirect to your system itself. Access blocked !!!

consumerfed kozhikode region it section
you can download the hosts file from here

Other methods for blocking internet access to triveni computers link

Thanks to +Consumerfed  +Consumerfed IT Division  for assigning this task through our regional IT

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