May 22, 2015

To create a shared excel sheet for multiple user access at real time

How to share an excel that helps multiple user to edit same time

I need an excel sheet , where multiple users ( class 4 employees ) can post mark list of students to an excel in my office, where higher officials need to check the result entered is correct or not whereas other staffs need to download the result before publishing. All the works has to done simultaneously. here is a solution for such issues. Over usage of styles will hang the file. If two users edit the same cell, the excel asks who's data to be saved while saving the document. If two users try to save the shared excel at same time, the file will be locked, the only thing you can do at this situation is to wait until the other person saves Or wait for some times the issue will be solved.

Share workbook Option is available in Review Tab.

Click on Share

Excel Share
Sharing in Excel

Check the option Allow changes by more than one user at the same time.

Once you shared the excel sheet and multiple user starts working on it, Here you can see the users who are working on the excel workspace.

Multiple user access excel
Allow sharing mode in excel

Click ok to share the excel

Excel Share
Share Excel Workspace

Track changes

To track changes made by all users use the following steps, go to track chages option in review tab, check the option when, who, where, List changes on a new sheet

shared excel track changes
Track chages in an excel

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